·        HPC Holdings Limited aims to become an integrated enterprise with a highly specialized, competent and effective management system. Our Group is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified.

·        We provide construction works as both a main contractor and subcontractor to both the public and private sectors in Singapore, and we have been involved in industrial, logistics and warehouse, infrastructure, residential and commercial construction projects.Our Group's main contractor works primarily relate to design and build projects for commercial and industrial buildings such as logistics and warehouses facilities, factories,offices, workshops and carparks and nursing homes. We also provide subcontractor works such as the upgrading of HDB flats and construction of MRT stations, schools, factories and highways.

·        We operate our business through subsidiaries:

o  HPC Builders Pte. Ltd.

o  DHC Construction Pte. Ltd.

o  Regal Haus Pte. Ltd.

·        The principal business of HPC Builders is main contracting and subcontracting of construction works.

·        The principal business of DHC Construction is subcontracting of construction works.

·        Regal Haus is property development and investment holding company.

·        Our Group consists of about 1000 construction workers led by highly skilled technical and operation staff.

·        We are highly competent in structural architectural works. The company excels in Design&Build projects as we have a highly experienced team of management staff. We are confident in completing projects within a stipulated time line arising from a vast wealth of experience in building and construction coupled withour strong financial soundness.

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